The Riftbreaker Into The Dark Expansion Releases In Late May

The Riftbreaker Into The Dark Expansion Releases In Late May

The Riftbreaker was released by Exor Studios in late 2021. It is game that ties together several elements such as base building, action RPG and survival. Players will jump into a mecha-suit capable of dimensional rift travel and fight their way to victory. The company has confirmed that it will release its expansion, Into The Dark, on May 29th. It will introduce a lot of new content into the game such as biomes, weapons, enemies and mechanics. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. The upcoming DLC will cost $9.99USD, while the expansion itself will include free content for all.

The Riftbreaker

Furthermore, the biggest addition in the content is in the form of the biome, Crystal Caverns. It is an expansive network of caves, corridors and caverns that are rich in natural resources, but filled with aggressive enemy creatures. Moreover, the developers have confirmed that all players will be able to explore the Caverns in the Survival Mode as well as the free World Expansion update. Other free content includes an entirely new cave-digging mechanic, more than 70 research items and technology, new weapons and defensive towers and new species of creatures.

Additionally, players that purchase the story-based DLC will enjoy a new portion of the story campaign which features a new technology tree, information on biomes, creatures and more and the freedom to discover new information on the past. It seems to be worth the money!

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