Riftbreaker Sells 350,000 Copies And Announces Plans For 2022

Riftbreaker Sells 350,000 Copies And Announces Plans For 2022 

Riftbreaker is a base building survival game wherein players, dressed in a mecha-suit, must fight their way through countless enemies. Players must also build their base, research and grow to survive. Riftbreaker first released in October 2021 and is available on PC and PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The development team is proud to announce that Riftbreaker has sold over 350,000 copies across all platforms. Furthermore, the team will continue to pour out content and updates into the title including the World Expansion I.

The Riftbreaker

The team has confirmed that besides the 350,000 copies sold, half a million persons have set foot in the game using the Game Pass. It seems that Riftbreaker has benefitted from providing access to Game Pass users. Since its release, there have been fifteen updates and the team has a few upcoming updates. The upcoming updates will target improved mouse input latency, quality of life changes, optimizations and bug fixes. This update is set for release near the end of January.

Further, the team announces that World Expansion I is set to arrive in March or April of this year. Some of the content includes a new biome, weapons, skills, upgrades and more. Additionally, the story-driven campaign will be paid DLC while other aspects will be free to enjoy in Survival Mode.

Finally, the developers have confirmed that they are working on the game’s online multiplayer. The team is improving pieces of code and other forms of optimization. The team is looking at the end of the year for a release.

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