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The Riftbreaker Video Review

Sometimes the result of two genres colliding can be lack-luster or just kind of okay.  The Riftbreaker is an example of when you get something pretty special out of genre-blending. Instead of switching hats from survival to RTS to twin-stick shooters, you are wearing a strange hat that has all three, but manages to be pretty stylish.

In The Riftbreaker, you are tasked with establishing a base for your homeworld to a brand new, hostile, alien world. You will have to harvest resources, build structures and defenses, whilst fending off waves of enemy creatures.

The Riftbreaker

While the game is not super difficult, there is a challenge in juggling the different priorities of defending yourself and your base, and deciding what you should build next. Even if you do become overwhelmed by enemies, your game does not end just because you die. You have a respawn point (which can be destroyed) where you come back, missing some items though. As long as you have your respawn point, the mission continues.

If you find time to really take in your surroundings, A) get back to work!, and B) you will notice that the world around you looks really good. Even though the fixed camera angle may limit what you can actually see, the lighting, vibrant color palette, and textures really make the environment pop.

Though the different flavors gameplay are clearly identifiable from their respective genres, the mix that The Riftbreaker creates is very fresh and new. That being said, just because you like one of these genres, does not mean The Riftbreaker is guaranteed to be your cup of tea.

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