Stellaris Changing Dimensions With Narrative-Driven Expansion

Astral Planes 

The universe has never felt bigger. Prepare for not one, but many dimensions to expand before you. Reality-breaking technology, alternate dimensions, and mind-bending phenomena await. Today, Paradox Interactive is excited to announce the latest expansion for its grand strategy game, Stellaris, which is coming to the game later this year. Providing a more narrative-driven experience, the expansion, titled Astral Planes, is allowing players to explore the universe through multiple dimensions in brand new ways. An announcement trailer for the expansion gives players a taste of what kind of things they can expect from this dimension-spanning expansion. 


Stellaris places players in command of their own intergalactic empire. Importantly, this means players are in control of absolutely everything. From intergalactic law to military action, economics, and more. Importantly, the exploration of the known and unknown also falls to you. This ties perfectly into what is coming. 

The new Stellaris expansion, Astral Planes, is allowing players to traverse through dimensions. Using locations known as the Astral Planes, players discover a wide variety of unique sites, each with properties and phenomena beyond imagination. Of course, this includes things like creatures, secrets, and even the origins of the past. Importantly, the expansion presents a branching narrative to the game for the first time. Player choices dictate how their empire ends up, and they need to make choices appropriate to the empire they have built. 

Of course, gamers can check out the announcement trailer for a glimpse of what awaits them. View the trailer below. 

Stellaris is out now on PC platforms. The Astral Planes expansion will release later this year.