Medieval Dynasty Adding Co-Op and New Map in December

New Ways to Play 

Sometimes a game is more immersive with friends. Imagine living out your medieval dreams with a friend. Soon, you will be able to. Today, Toplitz Productions is happy to announce the release date for the latest update coming to their survival, roleplaying, game, Medieval Dynasty. Releasing on December 7th, for Steam, the update is expansive and adds a great deal of content to the game. For instance, players can now participate in co-op gameplay on a brand-new map titled the Oxbow. A trailer from four months ago shows off the new map. 

Medieval Dynasty Windmills

Medieval Dynasty is a survival sim game that takes place in a realistic medieval world. With the addition of the Oxbow map, the game is expanding even more. Players will be able to adventure through a brand-new land full of landmarks, villages, and points of interest. Interestingly, they won’t have to do it alone. Players can now join a friend as they adventure through this new land. Accompanying the new map are vibrancy updates to villages which add workstations and new residents. Additionally, there will be a variety of new quests and more. 

Furthermore, Medieval Dynasty’s newest update will allow players to experience the new and improved character creator. The character creator will allow players to fully customize their characters just how they want them. Importantly, gamers can take a look at the Oxbow trailer below for a glimpse at some of the update’s features. 

Medieval Dynasty is out now on PC via Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. The co-op update for the game will be arriving on PC versions of the game on December 7th.