Silica Announces Air Units With First Major Update

Death From Above 

The skies of Baltarus are becoming dangerous. As the war between factions wages below, the skies themselves are yet another source of death as human war machines and alien monsters spray bullets and fire from above. Today, Bohemia Interactive is happy to announce the newest update for their FPS-RTS blending game, Silica, introducing new units. Allowing players to assume command of three different factions in a battle for an alien world, the game switches seamlessly between RTS-style command and boots-on-the-ground FPS action. A new trailer gives gamers a great look at the units filling the skies over Baltarus. 


Silica blends RTS and FPS gameplay together, transporting players to an alien world where factions battle for control of the planet. Players can take on either the roles of commander or soldier. Importantly, the commander will produce units, give orders, and survey the battlefield. Whereas, the infantry role will fight in intense battles with weapons and vehicles to hold positions and capture territory. Importantly, players can control one of two human factions or even become the Hivemind aliens and defend their home. Of course, players will have a choice between five infantry classes and multiple vehicles as the humans, and multiple types of monsters as the aliens. 

Now, Silica is introducing another aspect to the battlefield. Flying creatures and units are now entering the warzone. Players will be able to take flight as four new units for the human factions and swoop down on their enemies as five new alien monsters. Importantly, players can check out the new trailer for a look at how the battles unfold with death from the sky. View the trailer below. 

Silica is out now on Steam Early Access. So, are you ready to take to the skies?