Stellaris First Contact Story Pack Out Now for PC

New Interactions 

Enter a time where planets are reaching out into the galaxy. It’s time to enter a bigger universe. Today, Paradox Interactive is happy to announce the release of the newest expansion pack for their grand strategy game Stellaris. The pack, titled First Contact, is a story pack that introduces a whole host of new mechanics to widen the origins available in the game. A press release provides more info on the pack. Additionally, players can check out the new release trailer for a glimpse of some of the features coming with the pack. 


Stellaris places players in command of their own intergalactic empire. Of course this means that players will control everything. From the military, to the economy, planets and more. Furthermore, players are even in charge of making laws that descend even to the surfaces of planets. 

The new First Contact pack offers a set of new origins and mechanics. Importantly, these new features allow players to craft stories about their civilization’s first contact with strangers from the stars. Of course, these stories and origins will change how your civilization views itself. Additionally, you can now have new interactions with pre-FTL civilizations. What role will you play when a new civilization enters the galaxy? Of course, players can check out the new release trailer for a look at some of the features coming with the First Contact pack. 

The First Contact pack for Stellaris is out today on PC platforms. So, are you ready to make contact?