Meet Your Maker Coming to PlayStation Plus Day 1 In April

Builders Versus Trespassers 

Attention PlayStation players, April is bringing you some bloody building gameplay. Today, Behaviour Interactive is happy to announce that their first-person building-and-raiding game, Meet Your Maker, is coming to PlayStation Plus April 4th. Additionally, two versions of the game are available upon release. A press release provides more details about the game and both upcoming versions. Furthermore, the release date trailer from a few months ago provides a glimpse of the gameplay and art style. 

Meet Your Maker introduces players to both sides of a coin. Builders and Raiders. Of course builders aim to design an impenetrable fortress that cannot be bypassed. The raiders’ job is to break into this fortress battling their way past minions, traps, and worse to secure the treasure and escape. Importantly, this treasure is a resource that is highly sought after in this post-apocalyptic world. Of course, raiding these outposts will grant you more of this genmat resource that will allow you to upgrade your own outpost. This leads to a constant back and forth between players, raiding and building. 

Excitingly, PlayStation players can look forward to grabbing the game on Day 1 through PlayStation Plus. Of course, the standard version will be available to all players through PlayStation Plus. Yet, a deluxe version of the game will also be available for purchase that includes exclusive skins, building blocks, and more for builders to use. Importantly, players can check out the release date trailer from a few months ago for a look at the game. 

Meet Your Maker is releasing PC, via Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.