King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Unleashing the Legion in 2024 Expansion

The Legion Invades 

The kingdom of Avalon is no stranger to threats. The wicked King Arthur and his armies, giants, foes of all shapes and sizes. Yet, the mystical land of legend has never faced a threat like this. It is said all roads lead to Rome, but what happens when Rome follows those roads to you. NeocoreGames has announced an upcoming expansion for their dark-fantasy, strategy, RPG, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. The expansion, titled “Legion IX” is introducing a brand new story to the growing lore of the game. Importantly, the inclusion of this expansion involves a new faction, new characters, and more. A cinematic trailer gives players a glimpse of the Ninth Legion in all their undead glory. 

King Arthur: Knight's Tale

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale sees players assume the role of Sir Mordred enemy of King Arthur. Only this time, Mordred is working to stop the tyrannical and wicked Arthur with his own knights of Camelot. Combining elements of RPGs and tactical strategy, players will assemble a team of knights and send them on quests where they will earn experience and equipment. Importantly, these teams of knights will face down the enemies of Avalon in tactical battles. However, this expansion isn’t about them. 

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale’s upcoming Legion IX is allowing players to experience the Roman Legion through the eyes of a tribune of the Ninth Legion. Interestingly, the Legion has found its way out of Tartarus and this undead horde is now organized and marching on Avalon. Importantly, the expansion is adding new foes, a larger company, and more. Of course, a new cinematic trailer gives players a glimpse of the Ninth Legion as it begins its march. Check it out below. 

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is available now on Steam. Furthermore, the Legion IX expansion is coming at a later date.