F-Zero 99 Is About to Get a Classic Race Mode

Start the Engine in F-Zero99

Nintendo’s amazing massively multiplayer racing game F-Zero 99 is getting a new game mode. According to an update on the company’s Japanese Website, the game will be updated to version 1.1.0 on 29 November. The most important part is that it will come along with a new mode called Classic Race that is inspired by theĀ SNES original.

F-Zero 99

The new mode will limit the number of players to just 20 instead of the usual 99. Players won’t be able to perform the Spin Attack move and the Skyway mid-air track as they were not a part of the original F-Zero game. They won’t be able to be able to increase their Power Meter by scoring a KO as well.

The standard F-Zero 99 mode allows players to use their turbo boost whenever they want. However, this won’t be the case in the new mode. Players will still get to use turbo boost, but just once in a lap. And most importantly, the Classic Race mode is played with a 4:3 screen ratio instead of 16:9 widescreen.

There will be a new feature called Lucky Cards as well. The player’s finishing position and chosen car are recorded for five races. It is then compared with a Lucky Card with various numbers and cars on it which is generated randomly. They will receive awesome rewards depending on how many matches they get.