Omurice Next Time Steam Release Date Unveiled

Sit Back and Relax in Omurice Next Time

Developer Griffin Cyan and publisher MediBang Games have announced the release date of Omurice Next Time for Steam. This cozy slice-of-life interactive storybook will be available on the platform on 15 January 2024. So, get ready to explore a cute gay couple’s life filled with joy, love, hopes, dreams, casual awkwardness, and embarrassment.

The game takes place on the top floor of a small apartment in Windreach. Finn and Gray, our favorite couple lead a simple, ordinary, and beautiful life there. Finn is the owner of a sweet shop and Gray is a truck driver. They may not have much, however, there is always food on the table and that is all that matters. And most importantly, they have each other’s back.

The game is all about the small moments in a husband and husband’s life. Griffin Cyan, the developer and author said, “The story of Omurice Next Time is deeply personal. The inspiration was drawn from my day-to-day life. I am more like Finn, and my boyfriend Garrett is basically Gray. It is a love letter, a memoir, and a vision.”

You can enjoy it without any pressure and it contains wholesome light comedies, interactive elements, and inspirations from personal experience. And above all, the art is just so beautiful that we cannot take our eyes off it. If you are eager to try it out, the game is already available on