War Hospital Will Open in January 2024

Save Lives in the War Hospital

Prepare to give some hope to all the soldiers out there! Developer Brave Lamb Studio and publisher Nacon have announced the release date of their upcoming title War Hospital. The game will be available on 11 January on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

War Hospital

War Hospital is a 3D isometric RTS management game with survival elements. It takes place in the during the World War War in the year 1918. You will step inside the shoes of Henry Wells, a retired British combat medic.

He got drafted again to help the soldiers amidst the nightmare of war. However, the medical department is understaffed and undersupplied, and you will become the last hope for them at the French Front.

As the commander of a field hospital, your duty is to treat dreadful injuries. All the while building and upgrading facilities for the welfare of everyone. There are many WW1 equipment to explore and use in the game that will help you in a life-saving journey.

You must also kindle hope for all the staff and soldiers by creating a micro-community of medical people and survivors. Above all, bring back normalcy in this war-torn land.

The key features are:

– A war-themed game focused on saving lives, not taking them
– Society survival that challenges tactics as well as morals
– Faithfully recreated setting of the French Front in WW1
– Realistically depicted conditions of a British field hospital
– Develop and put to use innovative WW1 medical technology

Take a look at the official release date trailer.