NACON RIG 900 Max HX Wireless Headset Review – The Cradle Will Rock

NACON RIG 900 Max HX Wireless Headset Review

Last month I reviewed NACON’s RIG 600 PRO HS wireless headset. Considering its price (around $100 bucks USD) I was impressed. It featured solid sound, a slick app, and was pretty comfortable. Not too shabby at all considering the price point. Needless to say, I was excited to get my hands on NACON’s premium headset, the RIG 900 Max HX. These cans come with a fancy charge dock, works with all your gaming devices, and features Dolby Atmos. All for the MSRP of $ 249.99 USD. Sure, it’s significantly more expensive than the 600’s; however, these 900’s are truly a thing of beauty.

That said, the RIG 900 Max HX doesn’t exactly scream premium headset out of the box. Sure, it is built better featuring a reinforced steel headband and super comfortable ear cups. Yet, it is mostly plastic and it’s all-black design doesn’t exactly stand out. There is no RGB lighting or really anything that stands out. I look for the “wow” factor when it comes to expensive headsets and the 900 falls a bit short in this department. Yet this doesn’t take anything away from the superb sound and some of the stellar features of this headset.

Float Like a Butterfly

I do love how light and comfortable the headset is. It’s one of the lightest headsets I have ever picked up. It is super light and comfortable which is perfect for those long gaming sessions. Much of that comfort is due to the self-adjusting headband strap, which sits just below the metal headband and essentially adapts to your head size for a comfortable fit. You can also adjust the earcups using the preset small, medium, or large ‘snap-fit’ slots. The cushioned earcups, made of breathable materials, only further enhance the comfort.

Connectivity is a breeze too. After charging the headset on the cradle for a couple of hours (more on the battery life later), I wanted to see how the headset would pair with my mobile phone. It paired quickly but for some reason, I wasn’t able to play any music. Yet once I changed the headset to ‘Bluetooth’ mode I connected in seconds and the music was blasting.

The headset’s controls are all conveniently located on the left ear cup. There is a handy quick-start guide which was helpful as I became acclimated with the various buttons. The left ear cup features a standard power and volume mix chat wheel. It also includes the pair button and connection type (Dual-Mode, Bluetooth or Game). The flip-up mic is located on the ear cup as well. It wasn’t long before I had to stop pulling off the headset to locate all the controls. I eventually found myself picking them up quicker than I had with other headsets.

I gotta say I do love the RIG 900 Max HX charging dock. Even since I ditched my Astro A50s, I miss having a dock. I enjoyed having the convenience of being able to store my headset on the charging dock overnight. So it’s great to have one back again and it is easy to use as well. For Xbox, simply connect the base station with the wireless adapter to your console using the included USB cable. Or, you can remove the wireless adapter and plug it directly into your console, PC or laptop.

Stay Connected

One of the standout features of the NACON RIG 900 Max HX is its dual-mode wireless functionality. These cans offer a low-latency 2.4GHz connection via the base charge station or the wireless USB adapter. The bottom line, I never experienced any lag or audio glitches. Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity is also included which is great for checking out your favorite TikToks in between matches.

The headset takes full advantage of Dolby Atmos and the result is outstanding. I also love being able to personalize my Dolby Atmos experience. With the Dolby Atmos app, you can create a unique profile tailored specifically for you. The result is an incredible audio experience that only enhances any game you play on Xbox.

The battery life is equally impressive. You’ll never have to worry about running out of battery mid-game. With an impressive 50-hour battery life on a 2.4GHz connection and up to 60 hours when using Bluetooth, you can game for extended periods without interruption. When you are done playing, simply plunk your headset on the base station and you’ll be fully charged again within a few short hours.

This is a versatile headset as well. The 900s work with PlayStation and PC through its USB-A 2.4GHz wireless adapter. Additionally, its dual-mode functionality allows for Bluetooth connectivity, making it compatible with Nintendo Switch, mobile phones, and even portable gaming devices like the Steam Deck. I absolutely love this and so will folks who own multiple gaming devices.

When it comes to the headset’s sound, the RIG 900 is absolutely fantastic. Equipped with 40mm drivers, this headset packs a serious punch. It is well-balanced and offers clear detailed audio. With the RIG 900 app you can crank the bass but by default, the focus is on accuracy rather than excessive bass or treble. The audio quality is superb. The bass when playing Madden 24 is stellar. Call of Duty on FPS mode is absolutely brilliant as I could hear every little footstep and every bullet whizzing by.

Flip It Good! 

The NACON RIG 900 Max HX comes equipped with an omni-directional microphone paired with noise rejection technology. The result is crystal clear voice pickup. I do like being able to flip-to-mute the mic. Fiddling with the mute button is a royal pain, so it is nice to be able to flip the mic up for mute.

The NACON RIG 900 Max HX lived up to my expectations. While it isn’t a cheap set of cans, its dual-mode wireless versatility, personalized Dolby Atmos experience, fantastic comfort, lightweight, crystal clear audio, and fabulous charging dock makes this a rock-solid purchase. If you’re looking to take your gaming to the next level, the RIG 900 Max HX is right up your alley.

***The headset was provided by NACON for the purpose of this review***




The Good

  • Amazing battery life
  • Super light and comfortable
  • Booming bass
  • Slick app

The Bad

  • Doesn’t look premium
  • No RGB lighting
  • A little pricey