RIG 600 PRO Wireless Headset Leaps to Release

Audio on All Fronts With the RIG 600 PRO

When you’re playing video games, audio is one of the key experiences. Of course, it makes up half of the audio-visual experience in total. Yet, it also allows players to listen in on more nuanced sounds that may not always be apparent unless their headphones are exactly right. Now, gamers can get their hands on a powerful new pair of headphones. Today, NACON is excited to announce the retail release of their new and innovative, RIG 600 PRO Wireless Headset. Compatible with multiple systems, these versatile headphones bring a host of features to improve the audio of any gaming experience. 


The RIG 600 Wireless Headset is a multiplatform headset that comes with many immersive and accessible features. For instance, not only can players play on almost any system from PC to Switch, but they can expect a top audio experience. Featuring bass-boosted 40mm high-sensitivity drivers, up to 24-hour Bluetooth battery life, and more, the headset boasts its prowess in the audio game. Additionally, the headset also has a chat-optimized microphone that folds into the cushioned headphones when not in use. 

Of course, the RIG 600 PRO Wireless Headset comes in two separate models. These models are the 600 PRO HS designed for PlayStation and the 600 PRO HX officially licensed for Xbox. Importantly, gamers are able to use USB-C wireless adaptor to connect to the PC or other systems. 

The RIG 600 PRO HS and 600 PRO HX are available now for  $99.99. Of course, more information on the headset and other NACON and RIG gear is available here