Bread & Fred Slip Into a New DLC Today Alongside Album

The Penguins Kick It With New DLC 

Time to pick back up with your penguin partner. A co-op platform adventure could always use another adventure, especially when the main characters are so cute. Today,  Sand Castles Studio and Apogee Entertainment are excited to announce the release of the new major content update for their platformer, Bread & Fred. Following a successful launch, with over 300,000 copies sold, the penguin platformer is back with a whole new adventure of content. Of course, that isn’t all. This update, titled “Super Duper Ultra Redux Mixtape”, is also bringing a new music label, “Apogee Music”, with three new Bread & Fred albums. 

Bread & Fred

Bread & Fred invites players to scale a dangerous mountain. Importantly, they won’t be alone. The game functions as a co-op platformer that requires players to time jumps in perfect harmony with one another and work as a team through various puzzles to get through various levels. Importantly, a single mistake can cause these flightless friends to fall all the way back down the mountain. Of course, this means that players will need to accurately use their teamwork to get through the game. 

The Super Duper Ultra Redux Mixtape” update brings an entirely new adventure to Bread and Fred for players to enjoy. This mission sees Bread & Fred looking to get The Backstreet Moles band back together as they became lost on their way to Beakville. Of course, this adventure will be a little more musical than the last. Luckily this adds to the game as players can unlock new music including the lo-fi hip-hop single “We Had a Blast” by Mason Lieberman and Substantial. Check out the music video below. 

Bread & Fred is out now on Steam for PC and GOG. Currently, the game is on sale for $11.99.