Noctuary Telling It’s Story Across Genres Today

An RPG Within a Novel

Stories are meant to be told. Sometimes these tales need multiple formats to tell them properly. In fact, this becomes especially true when these formats are both video games. So, prepare to step into a two-fold story of friendship, magic, and blessings. Today, Gratesca Studio is happy to announce the release of their visual novel, JRPG, hybrid, Noctuary, to PC via Steam. Inviting players to a unique format, the game tells the story of its two protagonists through a mix of visual storytelling and action gameplay. Importantly, a gameplay trailer provides players with a look at how the game blends 3D and 2D storytelling together. 


Noctuary introduces players to the world of Aborteria. Here players will meet Fancia Dream and Alina Nightsong, a pair on their way to becoming legendary Arborangers, guardians who protect the world. Importantly, players will follow the story of this duo as they traverse the world. Additionally, players will unravel the mystery of a girl who fell from the sky. As such, players will embody the protagonists as they adventure throughout the land and get into mischief. Yet, it isn’t all fun and games. Creatures known as “Darkritters” threaten the existence of the very world itself. Of course, players must work to stop them. 

Most interestingly, Noctuary tells its story through a mix of visual novel with a branching storyline. However, it also includes the adventure of a JRPG with the action combat one would expect. Players can explore the story through the protagonists lens while upgrading them with various skills and swapping seamlessly between them in battle. Check out the trailer for the game to see how Noctuary blends both of its mediums together. 

Noctuary is out for PC on Steam.