Voodolls, Co-Op Tower Defense, Announces Open Beta

Trapped In Hell 

It’s time to form your team. You’ve been given a chance to save your soul. Yet, it’s going to be easier said than done. Yesterday, Tate Multimedia and French indie studio SideRift are happy to announce the Open Beta for their co-op tower defense game, Voodolls. The game combines elements of action, exploration and tower defense, offering players a unique co-op experience. Of course, a press release provides more details about the beta. Furthermore, a trailer for the open beta gives players a glimpse of the game. 


Voodolls places players in the threads of living Voodoo Dolls. Having been in Hell for a time, players are dealing with the chance to escape from a mysterious Puppet Master. Together, with your team, you must defend the Puppet Master from waves of enemies intent on keeping you captive. Importantly, players will fight their way through various planets that are centering around the four seasons. Of course, these planet each contain parts of an overarching narrative that unravels mystery as players progress. 

The gameplay itself revolves around teamplay that uses various characters unique weapons, skills, and powers. Of course, the game offers third person movement, plenty of traps to place, and strategies to develop in order to protect the Puppet Master. Now, players can hop into the open beta and experience the game for themselves. So, check out the new trailer for a look at what awaits you in the beta. 

The open beta for Voodolls is currently available on Steam. The game itself is releasing on Steam on April 13th. So, will you be joining the open beta?