Resident Evil 4: Reawakened Brings a Classic Back

Modernizing Classic Zombies 

It’s time to step back into the boots of Leon S. Kennedy. Once again in a beloved story that is now updated for the modern era. Today, Capcom is excited to announce the release of Resident Evil 4: Reawakened Edition. This remake of the beloved 2005 title, is bringing more than just updated graphics. In fact, players can look forward to UI, AI, and storyline updates. As well as more. A press release provides more details about the remake. Additionally, players can check out the release trailer for a glimpse of the game’s new look.

Resident Evil 4 

Resident Evil 4: Reawakened re-introduces players to the world of Resident Evil. Six years after Leon Kennedy’s harrowing experience in Racoon City, he is an acting agent under the U.S President. However, when the President’s daughter is kidnapped, Leon arrives secluded European village yet the people here are under the influence of a fervor. As it turns out, the whole village is under the control of a cult. Leon and the President’s daughter, Ashley, must fight their way out. 

Of course, the remake is adding nuance to the characters and relationships within to bring more life to the story. However, the remake also provides players with updated AI as well as  state-of-the-art graphics to enhance the experience while remaining true to the original. Of course, players can check out the release trailer for a better look at the game and all of its new features. View the trailer below. 

The Resident Evil 4 Remake is available now on PC via Steam, as well as, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. So, will you be grabbing the Resident Evil 4 remake?