Blade Prince Academy Unveils Steam Demo

Tactical Assassination

It’s time for class. Of course, you are going to be learning things like eliminating targets, the deadly arts, and more. Welcome to the academy. Today, FireSquid Games is excited to announce a new demo for their upcoming tactical RPG, Blade Prince Academy. The demo aims to give players a taste of the fantasy setting of the game while also allowing them to explore the game’s tactical combat. A press release provides more details on the demo and the game in general. Additionally, players are able to check out the announcement trailer for the game for a look at the art style and gameplay. 

Blade Prince Academy

Blade Prince Academy introduces players to the dark and dangerous city of Abjectalia. Taking control of magical warriors, players will be put against powerful enemies and bosses with their very own squad. Interestingly, your squad will be defined by the choices the player makes in and outside of combat. For instance, relationships will develop and be tested. However, beyond their relationships, players can also develop their squad’s talents, powers, pacts, abilities, equipment, and more. Additionally, when players are outside of battle, they can find some time to relax and reflect at the academy. 

The demo for the game will feature about an hour and a half of gameplay, where players will get to experience four missions. Additionally, players will get to experience the tutorial and a boss fight. Of course, players can check out the announcement trailer for a better look at the game. 

Blade Prince Academy will be arriving to Steam later this year. Additionally, players can check out a Kickstarter for the game.