State of Decay 2 Brings Back Fully Remastered Trumbull Valley Map

State of Decay 2 Players Can Enjoy Remastered Version of the Game’s Original Map 

State of Decay 2 is bringing back its original map, a fully remastered Trumbull Valley. Fans of the franchise are well aware that this aforementioned map was first showcased in the original game, which was launched to the gaming community in June of 2013 on the Xbox 360—before being launched on PC via steam the following November.

State of Decay 2 was then launched in mid-2018, but the release was met with a litany of technical issues that brought a lot of negative feedback about the game not having any real sense of depth. Developer Undead Labs has, since then, fixed these problems in the past three years across a multitude of post-launch updates.

state of decay 2 remastered trumbull valley map

The March 2020 launch of State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition hugely enhanced the sequel because of its huge improvements on graphics and lighting that made the gameplay highly enjoyable on the optimized Xbox Series X/S consoles. The 4K capacity of these next-gen consoles boosted its features to up to 60fps.

Since the recent announcement at Gamescom 2021, fans of the State of Decay 2 title will be glad to know that one of the franchise’s iconic maps, Trumbull Valley, will be featured once again in the upcoming Juggernaut Edition, alongside the State of Decay 2: Homecoming update that has been slated for a September 1 launch.

The map has reportedly been fully remastered and will include two new territories that the game’s Heartland patch did not have. State of Decay 2 players will see the aftermath of the events that transpired in the Heartland update and witness any changes since then, as well as get some closure on certain narrative threads. The map will also have new items that only the fully remastered version will feature, such as six new bases, 10 new weapons, 12 new outfits and hats, and the game’s 12th bounty pack.