State of Decay 2 Will Arrive on Steam Early This March

No Longer a Microsoft Store Exclusive 

The zombie survival game State of Decay 2 will finally be making its debut on Steam on March 13th. Originally launching in 2018 is has been almost two long years that fans have had to wait to get their hands on it. When State of Decay does actually launch on Steam it will be with a new Juggernaut edition. This new edition of the game is going to be jammed pack with all the DLC and extra add ons that were later put into the game. While the price tag might not be the most appealing to everyone, it is a great way to dive into a two-year-old game. Why not treat yourself?

state of decay 2 feature

While some people have become tired and bored with the whole zombie craze that we saw in the 2010s, it does not mean that State of Decay 2 is a bad game. While the first game of the franchise was somewhat buggy and unpolished, the sequel did a much better job of presenting a finished product that was smooth at launch. State of Decay 2 is far from a perfect game, but it still has a lot to offer despite some of its faults.

Sate of Decay 2 really focuses on the survival aspect of the zombie apocalypse. If scrounging around for food and supplies is not your thing then you might want to play something else. The combat in the game is good as well, but it is the crafting another small details that really make State of Decay 2 a worthwhile experience.

There might be a million zombie games out there, but there is still only one State of Decay (actually there is two). State of Decay 2 is currently out on the Xbox One and the PC via the Microsoft Store.