Aliens: Fireteam Elite Shows of Alien Killing Action in New Launch Trailer

Cooperative Alien Action

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is celebrating its launch with a new launch trailer. The trailer shows off some co-op action as three people team up to take down the alien threat.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite will allow you to play with two AI teammates or team up with your friends to go up against over 20 different enemy types through four different campaigns to explore new stories in the Alien universe.

Players will have the ability to customize their marine with a variety of classes, weapons, gear, and perks to create a marine that fits whatever playstyle fits you best.

The game is off to a strong start, but like many games released these days, it will get more content after the launch. A day-one patch already added graphics optimization and a horde mode which is always my favorite mode in co-op shooters.

On September 8, developer Cold Iron Studios will release season one that comes with even more content. It will introduce a new character class, Phalanx, and add new weapons and rewards for players. It’s good to see even more content coming soon, and I’ll be interested to see just how
supported this game will be.

The game looks like an enjoyable time, especially at $40. The lower cost certainly helps make it an interesting game, but I am forced to hate it because it limits co-op play to three people, and I really want to know why this is a trend.

Four-player co-op has been the standard since the Nintendo 64. I will fight this three-player co-op takeover. I still might pick up the game, but I won’t be happy about it.

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Source: Press Release