Silent Hill Devs Will Reveal ‘Latest Updates’ For the Series Soon

A Big Silent Hill Announcement May Be Coming Up

Silent Hill devs have confirmed that they are going to reveal some key details about “the latest updates” for the popular horror series. Konami revealed that their upcoming livestream event will focus on any new changes coming soon to the long-dormant franchise.

“The latest updates for the Silent Hill series will be revealed,” they wrote on social media. Fans who want to view the event will have to visit the official Konami website. Devs are hosting it on October 19th at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 10pm BST. Unfortunately, there was no mention of any other video streaming platform. It looks like their website is the only place for fans to watch the live transmission.

layers of fear dev new silent hill game


At the moment, fans are not entirely sure about what these Silent Hill updates are going to be. However, it does seem that Konami is going through a lot of trouble to put together a live presentation. With that said, fans are speculating that devs have something huge up their sleeves.

Devs have managed to keep mum about their plans for the franchise for quite some time now. Still, reports about multiple Silent Hill projects being in the works have been making their rounds on the Internet. These claims were neither confirmed nor denied by Konami. Thankfully, fans will find out soon enough.

Masahiro Ito, one of the genius minds behind the original Silent Hill trilogy, also teased fans on social media very recently. He made a series of tweets that seemed to count down to the much-awaited showcase. These teasing posts further fuelled fan speculations that devs are preparing to announce something huge.

Now that fans are all eager for a new announcement for the franchise, they might want to keep their expectations in line. After all, it is a known fact that Konami has recently been more focused on pachinko machines instead of video games.

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