Gotham Knights Shows Off a Bunch of Suits From the Game

What to Wear…

Half the fun in superhero games is setting your look. When you are beating up bad guys, you have to look good doing it. It’s the law. We know there are going to be different suits in Gotham Knights and now we have a few sets to feast our eyes upon.

In Marvel’s Avengers and the Batman: Arkham series, there are a bunch of outfits that your hero could change into. These are strictly cosmetic though, so being armored or being in civilian clothes has no affect on gameplay. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, many of Spidey’s suits have mods that give the player a specific boost. It seems that the costumes in Gotham Knights will follow this trend.

IGN got an exclusive look at 7 different sets of suits. Each set has a costume for Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. 6 of the 7 collections have “suitstyles”, which are gameplay-changing effects. Gotham Knights will have heavier RPG elements than the Arkham series, so the suitstyles will alter your characters’ stats.

While the suitstyles have their own distinct look, there are different pieces of each suitstyle that can be customized. For example, Nightwing may have optional mouthpiece covers or extra pockets on an outfit. These options let you change an outfit slightly, but do not affect its stats. If you want to mix and match pieces from different sets though, you will be disappointed.

In addition to the suitstyles, there will also be transmog suits. These are are suits that are strictly cosmetic and do not offer any bonuses. Out of all the sets above, KnightWatch is the only transmog set. There will be 11 suitstyles at launch and many transmog sets as well.

Gotham Knights will be coming out on October 25th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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