Foretales, Narrative DeckBuilder, Shuffling to PC and Switch- September

The Adventure Begins 

Some stories are meant to be. As if their story was, in the cards one could say. Today Indie Developer Alkemi is happy to announce that the release date for their upcoming narrative deck-building game, Foretales. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally, a new release date trailer shows off what players can expect from the game. 


Foretales places players in a world doomed to a prophecy. Players take on the role of Volepain, a small time thief with a huge job to do. This avian thief and his friends are going after a magic lyre. Of course, they succeeded. Yet now Volepain is having visions of the end of the world. Now, Volepain needs to assemble a team to combat the end that is coming. 

The story adapts to what you choose, with multiple endings, and branching narrative paths. Of course, the whole story is told through cards. Yet, the choices are all dependent on how you want to play. Will you use stealth, charm, trade, or turn-based card combat to decide the outcome? Of course, you can get a good look at what is to come with the new release date trailer for the game. 

Foretales is releasing on September 15th for PC, via Steam, and Nintendo Switch. Currently the game is available for wish list on Steam. More information is available on Alkemi’s website. So, are you ready for an adventure to save the world from fate itself? Prepare your team, prepare your cards, and get ready.