Gotham Knights Unveils New Gameplay Trailer Highlighting Robin

The Boy Wonder Leaps Into Action 

Prepare to step into the role of the defenders of Gotham City in a whole new adventure. The whole bat family is at your disposal even the boy wonder himself. Today Warner Bros. Games unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming action adventure game, Gotham Knights. The trailer itself focusses on Robin, in this instance Tim Drake. In addition to the trailer, a press release provides even more specifics about the character and everything he’s bringing to the bat family and their adventures protecting Gotham. 

gotham knights release date leak

Gotham Knights introduces players to a Gotham City without Batman. Instead the rest of the bat family has taken up the mantle of defenders of the city. Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and of course, Robin are all that is protecting the people of Gotham from evil. Each of the bat family has their own special skills and playstyle. With today’s trailer, Gotham Knights is focusing on Robin. 

Robin is the ever dependable sidekick of batman and as such is a detective at heart. A master of stealth, psychological warfare, deductive reasoning, and investigation Robin brings a lot to the team. Additionally, he’s not just a whiz in the gear-house. Trained in hand to hand combat, especially with his quarter staff, and using Justice League level teleportation technology he can blink himself across the battlefield and kick some bad guy butt. 

Of course, players can get a look at all Robin is bringing to the Gotham Knights in the new trailer focusing on him. 

Gotham Knights is releasing on October 25th 2022. It will be releasing for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. So, are you ready to become a member of the bat family? What do you think about Robin? 


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