Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Heads to Modern Platforms

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Is Coming to Modern Platforms

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is coming to modern platforms. Fans of the beloved Game Boy Advance game are in a frenzy. After all, it has been more than 15 years since devs released the last game for the series.

A huge part of what has fans so excited is the completeness of the upcoming collection. Technically, there will be 10 Battle Network games. However, the numbers only go up to six. The third installment gave fans two versions of each entry. 

mega man battle network legacy collection modern platforms

Battle Network 3 had Blue and White versions. Battle Network 4 had Red Sun and Blue Moon. The fifth game had Team Protoman and Team Colonel. And lastly, the sixth installment had Cybeast Gregar and Cybeast Falzar. Each of these titles are going to be part of the highly anticipated collection, divided across two digital volumes.

Volume One will have the collection’s first three titles for the series, for a total of four games. Volume Two will feature the remaining ones. Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection players can also purchases a single physical edition that will include the whole run. All of the games will come with a high resolution filter, its own gallery, and a music player.

Unfortunately for fans of the franchise, it remains unknown exactly when they can expect the collection to launch. However, it has come to light that it is due for release sometime in 2023. Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is heading to today’s modern platforms. It is headed to PC via Steam, the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and will have backwards compatibility for PS5.

Capcom first launched the franchise in 2001 for Game Boy Advance. It combines strategy with card builder elements. Players play as Mega Man on a 3×6 grid and make use of Battle Chips with different abilities and attacks to beat the bosses.

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