Sonic Frontiers Devs Reveal New Info About Gameplay Mechanics & More

Sonic Frontiers New Info Out Now

Sonic Frontiers devs just dropped a batch of new information about the upcoming open world game. Sega revealed some details about gameplay mechanics, maps, systems, and enemies that fans did not know from the previous announcement. The recent reveal also showcased new areas of the game that the announcement trailer did not show.

With the previous trailer, fans became aware that Sonic will be exploring grassy fields and and strangely placed pipes. However, the recently revealed Sonic Frontiers details confirm that the titular character is also going to race through modern urban settings.

sonic frontiers new info

Each of Sonic Frontiers’ biomes will have unique traversal features. It is the famous hedgehog’s task to visit specific areas to find the Vault Keys. These are significant for in-game progress.

Sonic will also have high speed movement that players can use to interact and discover new areas within the game. They can do this via the Cyloop ability. This particular feature leaves a trail of light behind the players whenever they zip around the game’s expansive world. The Cyloop light can end up revealig certain features and details that devs hid all over the map.

It also seems that Sega put accessibility as a priority for Sonic Frontiers’ systems design. A lot of them can be automated or simplified so that players can enjoy them more easily. Normally, the game’s battle system includes parrying, dashing, and a variety of combo attacks. However, players who do not want to stress about precision can also opt for a more relaxing type of gameplay. They can set these moves to be executable with a single button.

Similarly, players can also activate Action Style controls to make platforming slightly easier. They can explore the game without unfortunately falling off high places every 20 seconds.

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