Bayonetta 3 Fans Are Worried Launch Has Been Delayed to Next Year

Bayonetta 3 Was a No-Show at Today’s Nintendo Direct 

Bayonetta 3 fans are worried that their much-awaited game may have been pushed back for a 2023 release. They noticed that the game was a no-show at today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase event.

The event showcased multiple third party titles that are coming to Switch later this year. Unfortunately, Bayonetta 3 was not among the projects showcased at the said event. Fans thought this was odd especially since they expect devs to release the game before the end of this year. It is now the only game in Nintendo’s 2022 schedule that still does not have an official launch date.

bayonetta 3 fans worried launch delayed next year

Nintendo announced to the gaming public last September that the game is due for release some time this year. However, there remains to be no confirmed exact release date yet.

PlatinumGames has been very silent about Bayonetta 3. Moreover, its continued absence at Nintendo events have fans thinking that a delay is now inevitable. If there was any perfect time to announce the game’s release, it would have been today’s event.

There is no way it is releasing this year,” wrote one fan. “I was holding out hope but not showing up in the Direct Mini pretty much killed it for me.

Despite a shared negativity among most fans, there are still some who have remained optimistic. “I am giving it until September before I start to doubt its 2022 release,” said another fan. Others are hopeful that Bayonetta 3 may have its very own Direct event in the near future.

Bayonetta 3 stars the titular Bayonetta who is a witch battling against angels and demons with an arsenal of magical powers and weapons. The series is stylish and has amassed a loyal fan base. Many fans strongly believe that it is easily the most anticipated title in the franchise to date.

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