Bayonetta 3 Devs Are Waiting for Go Signal From Nintendo

Bayonetta 3 Devs’ Hands Are Tied Regarding Game’s Official Launch 

Bayonetta 3 fans just got an update from PlatinumGames regarding the game’s official release. Instead of providing an official launch date, however, the devs said confirmed that the release of further details about the game is essentially up to Nintendo.

Everyone who is working on the project is, of course, very proud of what we are doing and wants everyone to see what we are doing,” said Bayonetta Creator Hideki Kamiya. “As much as fans are waiting for it, we are waiting for the day when we can show it.

bayonetta 3 release delay

Just earlier this year, Kamiya hinted at an official reveal for Bayonetta 3, sending fans into a frenzy, expecting that the title will be showcased at the E3 digital event. Unfortunately, the game was a no-show at the said event. “We have been working on new stuff like Bayonetta 3, not that I can say too much,” Kamiya said at the time. “But, I hope we can give an update during the year.”

Now, there are merely three months left in 2021, and time seems to be running out for further Bayonetta 3 news. The Nintendo-published action sequel was first revealed via a quick preview at The Game Awards in December of 2017 .Unfortunately for the Bayonetta 3 community, nothing has been revealed since then. Fans have been clamouring to know more about the upcoming game, leading Kamiya to wonder if they should start to “tell everyone to forget about it for a while.

I kind of need to keep to that stance for now,” added Kamiya. “Ultimately, it is not our decision what to say and when to say it.

The general silence surrounding Bayonetta 3 has led fans to believe that the delay was probably due to issues in the game’s development. However, Studio Head Atsushi Inaba has confirmed that “there is no need to worry.” “Do not worry about it at this time,” Inaba said, reassuring the Bayonetta 3 fans. “Everything is okay.”

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen explained that Bayonetta 3’s absence at E3 2021 was because they intend to show things when they are ready to show them. “Certainly, we like to show things when the developers are ready to show them,” he said. “We did not have it here at E3, but stay tuned.”