Sonic Frontiers Combat Shows Off New Enemies and Attacks

Run, Sonic, Run

Last week, we finally got to see some gameplay from Sonic Frontiers. It showed us the open world that Sonic finds himself in. While it looks really pretty, it feels equally empty and lackluster. Today, we get to see Sonic taking on enemies of this world.

So far, we have seen no trace of Doctor Robotnic/Eggman or his evil automatons. Sonic’s new enemies do seem robotic in nature though. We see one made up of electrifying orbs, one with a protective, spinning, metal shield, and a few stabby boys. There is also a Shadow of the Colossus-type boss.

Sonic Frontiers

The combat in Sonic Frontiers seems based on attack opportunities. The enemies will do something to attack, leaving them open for Sonic to strike them. One of Sonic’s abilities seems to be very useful in these battles. He can activate a blue trail and surround his enemy with it. That will spin them up, leaving them vulnerable to a flurry of hits.

There is also a pinball-type move we see a lot. It is unclear if it is a combo finisher or a special attack, but it seems to be useful in scenarios when multiple enemies, though we don’t really see any.

The Sonic Frontiers gameplay ends with a large boss battle. After it attacks, Sonic can climb up its arms and strike its weak points. We noted how empty the world felt without enemies in it last time. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the problem. Sonic Frontiers will be coming out for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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