Monster Hunter Rise Announced Mega Man Collab

Update To Add Iconic Mega Man Companion Dog Rush As Costume

Monster Hunter Rise has just announced their latest collab: a Mega Man themed update to the game.  This will be the latest addition to their collab collection, previously ranging from Okami to Street Fighter.

With the Mega Man collab update, you will be able to unlock the Rush costume for your Palamute.  Rush is the robotic dog sidekick of Mega Man, and has been in the Mega Man series ever since the release of Mega Man 3.  With the new costume/skin comes a whole host of new animations.  Even the usual Palamute dash is replaced by the Rush jets animation.  As in yes – you can actually ride a flying robotic dog around the world of Monter Hunter Rise.  In addition to that animation, there is also the iconic “Rush Coil” move added.  You will be able to propel yourself up into the air or to higher platforms when a spring coil pops out of Rush’s back.

According to the Monster Hunter Roadmap, the Mega Man collab update is the second to last collab update to the game.  Although the update is free, you’ll have to complete a quest to unlock the costume like the previous DLC.  There will be one more Capcom Collab added to the game sometime in the Fall of this year.  It should arrive sometime in the next few months if there are no delays.

What do you think of the latest Monster Hunter collab update to the game?  Are you excited to have Rush in your game? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook