Blade Runner Enhanced Edition Was ‘Not Up’ to Nightdive Standards

Blade Runner Enhanced Edition Devs Explain Why Game Was a Disaster

Blade Runner Enhanced Edition disappointed many fans when it launched. The franchise’s following prepared to be hit by nostalgia once it released. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

The game was filled with a litany of bugs, smudgy upscaling, and unnatural frame rates. These issues combined ensured that the Blade Runner Enhanced Edition experience will be much worse than the original.

blade runner enhanced edition not up to nightdive standards

With that said, Larry Kuperman, Nightdive Studios’ Director of Business Development, has shed some light on why Blade Runner Enhanced Edition’s launch was a disaster. Kuperman explained that it was never their intention to send out a product that did not meet their standards.

“If anyone thinks that we sat around a table and said we are going to ship a game that is not up to our Nightdive standards,” he explained. “That did not happen.”

Apparently, the main reason why they sent out Blade Runner Enhanced Edition before it was actually ready was Kuperman’s desire to ship the game in time for the movie’s anniversary. He wanted the game to be available to the masses in time for the original movie’s 40th anniversary. Furthermore, there was basically no QA staff because of COVID-19. Lead Producer Dimitris Giannakis also took some time off to move across the country. With that said, there was no one around who had the willingness to pull the plug on the project.

“Anyone who knows me knows I have a strong personality,” Kuperman added. “Maybe Dimitris, if he had been on board would have been the one that said, ‘Hey we are not ready.’” The game’s disastrous launch could have been averted.

The problems did not end there. Apparently, the game also lacked the original’s source code. It was also reportedly very difficult to test a game that heavily relied on RNG to determine what players would see

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