Goodbye Kansas Studios Provides Insights on Skull and Bones Trailer

A Pirate Story 

Ubisoft’s newest pirate story, Skull and Bones, got a cinematic trailer last month. The trailer gives players their first in depth look at the rags-to-riches story of the game’s character Sam. Today Goodbye Kansas Studios provides deeper insights on the cinematic trailer in a press release. Additionally, the press release delves into some of the special focuses of the team behind Skull and Bones. Of course, the insights come from Executive Producer, Jan Cafourek, Director, Emnet Mulugeta, and VFX Supervisor, Henrik Eklundh.

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Skull and Bones allows players to take up the mantle of pirate. From the streets as an outcast, to an infamous pirate captain, players will be able to tell their own story. Importantly the cinematic trailer released last month gives players a look at the world of Skull and Bones. 

“We were given the opportunity to pitch on the release trailer for Skull & Bones. We understood from the start that DDB and Ubisoft were looking for something exceptional, and we eagerly accepted the challenge.” Says Jan Cafourek, Executive Producer at Goodbye Kansas. 

Importantly, Skull and Bones is a game about piracy. This means that obviously the adventure of the game will take players across oceans, to new lands, and immerse them in ship to ship combat. 

“My favorite thing about this project was the simulations in the combat shots. The flamethrower from our main ship cast its fire around 120 meters to the opposite boat. That looked incredible,” said VFX Supervisor, Henrik Eklundh. 

Skull and Bones is releasing on November 8th, 2022. Importantly, it will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and Epic Games. So, are you ready to become a pirate?