Fatal Fury/ Garou Returning After 20 Years and New King of Fighters DLC

A Triumphant Return 

The game franchise that helped spark the fighting game boom is making a comeback. In fact, it seems to be appearing in a few places. Today, SNK is pleased to announce that the a new installment of the Fatal Fury/Garou franchise is in development. A press release about the announcement provides more details. Additionally, alongside the announcement a new teaser trailer shows off some art of the game. 

Fatal Fury

Fatal Fury was the fighting game responsible for launching the boom in the 90’s. The first game of the series released in 1991 with the last, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, releasing in 1999. Of course the press release claims that the new game will act as a turning point for the genre. With over a 20 year wait this announcement is no doubt huge news. However, the announcement of the new Fatal Fury game isn’t the only news SNK is happy to announce. 

SNK is also happy to reveal a new set of DLC characters for King of Fighters XV. These characters, who played a major role in King of Fighter ’97, are Team Orochi. However, they aren’t all. Another team, Team Samurai, will be showing up in King of Fighters XV in the Fall of 2022. 

The next season of King of Fighters XV begins in 2023 with many fan-favorite DLC characters on the way. As for the new Fatal Fury game, more info on that will be on the way, fans will just need some more patience. So, are you excited for a new Fatal Fury? What do you think of King of Fighters’ new DLC?