Unawake- Visually Stunning Dystopian Action Coming 2023

Heaven and Hell Unleashed 

Prepare to face the fate of humanity. You are the last hope for earth. All with first person battles and stunning Unreal Engine 5 visuals. Today RealityArts Studio and Toplitz Productions are happy to unveil the announcement trailer for their upcoming action game Unawake. A press release about the game provides more details. Of course, players interested in the game can also view the trailer for a glimpse of the action. 


Unawake introduces players to a world torn apart by the merciless wars fought between Heaven and Hell. Nightmarish creatures fight endlessly. You will apply their punishment or their absolution. The choice falls to you. The game places players in intense first-person skirmishes with these monsters. Of course, as players fight their way through a story, that blends history, science fiction, and fantasy, they will develop their character. Using a multitude of weapons, character skills, and more, players will find many ways to mow down the hordes they face. 

Both the creative vision behind Unawake and the technical expertise that RealityArts Studio brings to the table, convinced us to support this project. With this visually very impressive action game we have the opportunity to efficiently expand the range of our portfolio and attract a new target audience for Toplitz’ titles.” Says Stefan Berger, Head of Business Development Toplitz Productions.

Unawake will be available on PC, Via Steam, in late 2023. The game is running on Unreal Engine 5 and boasts fantastic visuals. So, are you excited for Unawake?