Skull and Bones Re-Reveal Date Has Been Leaked

Skull and Bones Devs Are Re-Revealing the Game Next Month

Skull and Bones devs will reportedly re-reveal the game next month. According to known gaming industry insider Tom Henderson, Ubisoft has plans to show its gameplay and mechanics some time during the week of July 4th.

“Skull and Bones re-reveal date has just been leaked!” he wrote on social media. “It will be shown next month.”

skull and bones re-reveal date leaked

Should Henderson’s statement hold any water, this could be the latest indication that Skull and Bones is approaching an official release date. This is good news for the game’s fans. After all, the project has already gone through multiple delays since its first announcement to the gaming public.

Ubisoft first revealed Skull and Bones at E3 2017. At the time, they said that the game will be out by the end of 2018. Unfortunately, they delayed this to 2019, then March 2020, then the fiscal year ending March 2022, then the fiscal year ending March 2023.

Another indication that Skull and Bones will be out sooner than later is the fact that received board ratings in South Korea and Brazil. With that said, the game may arrive during Ubisoft’s current fiscal year.

It remains unclear precisely why devs keep pushing its release back. However, reports about devs extensively reworking the game with live elements have been making their rounds on the Internet. It has come to light that devs are focusing on co-op play.

Just this April, someone leaked a quick Skull and Bones video to the gaming public. The sneak peek was six minutes long but it was enough to give fans an overview of what they can expect at launch. As seen in the preview, the game has an Indian Ocean setting during the golden age of piracy. The goal of the players is to rise up from being the underdog to being the most infamous pirate to sail the seas.

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