Oft-Delayed Skull and Bones Has Footage Leaked Online

Skull and Bones Footage Got Leaked Online

Skull and Bones is a much-awaited multiplayer pirate game from Ubisoft. A chosen few of its fans were able to play a bit of the game during a preview event in 2018. Devs delayed it continuously since then. Thankfully for fans, it would seem that a quick footage of what they can expect from the game was leaked online.

Its six-minute introductory preview made its way to social media. Unfortunately, devs already removed the said video. Those who were able to view it before devs had it removed said that it was the type of narrated primer that is usually shown to testers before the official launch. It was not just a simple footage of someone else playing it.

skull and bones footage leaked online

Devs first said that they decided to delay the launch of Skull and Bones to 2019. They then delayed it to 2020. Later on, they once again delayed its release further to between 2022 and 2023.

Unlike other multiplayer pirate games in the gaming market today, the combat in Skull and Bones is much faster. Moreover, the ship-to-ship skirmishes are also nearly constant. Majority of the ships are bristling with cannons with NPCs handling the reloading and repairs. Maneuvering them also seems easier considering that the sails can go up and down in just a matter of seconds. Players will be playing the role of the ship’s captain who mostly steers, shoots, and gives orders to the crew.

With that said, it appears that the NPC crew will be doing most of the grunt work. However, Skull and Bones players must not take them for granted. They will have to make sure that their ship has appropriate stock of supplies. Otherwise, the AI-controlled minions will lose morale and begin a mutiny. They can bonk the players on the head and remove the players from power.

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