Skull & Bones Gameplay Info Has Just Been Leaked

Skull & Bones Gameplay Details Were Leaked by Known Tipster

Skull & Bones was first announced  at E3 2017, and was originally scheduled for a 2018 official launch. However, just this May, Ubisoft confirmed that the game will be out by the next fiscal year, beginning in April of 2022. Thankfully for those who have been waiting for more information regarding the game, a known gaming industry tipster has revealed some details about Skull & Bones’ gameplay.

Tom Henderson, who has somehow cemented his reputation as reliable gaming information source, has just divulged key details about Skull & Bones’ gameplay. “In Skull & Bones, there are five tiers of ships—small, medium, large, etc.—and are categorized into three different categories, Cargo, Combat, and Exploration,” Henderson wrote on social media. “Unlocking different ships are tied to blueprints, which you can buy at different settlements.”

skull & bones gameplay leak

While the bigger sized ships will prove to be more useful when it comes to high seas battles, Henderson has confirmed that the smaller galleons will also have their own benefits, such as allowing Skull & Bones players to traverse shallow coasts and rivers. “A bigger ship does not mean a better ship, either,” he added. “As smaller ships are more nimble and can go where bigger ships cannot.”

The ships in Skull & Bones are all tied to purchasable blueprints. However, players will still need to obtain certain resources just to be able to build them. “Buying a blueprint is not the only hurdle, though,” Henderson continued. “As you will need the right amount of resources, such as wood, metal, and fiber, to build your ship.”

Progressing in the Skull & Bones version that is currently available is hugely based on the money that players earn by taking on different jobs, raiding other ships, settlements, and fortresses, as well as completing cargo runs. When the game begins, players will only be traveling via a raft, and then, later on, a small fishing boat. These objectives will be essential in earning the resources that are necessary for the construction of proper pirate galleons—each of which can be outfitted with different weapons, such as balistas, mortars, flamethrowers, and canons.