Fall Guys goes Free to Play, Servers Crumble Under the Weight

The Guys Do Kinda Fall Sometimes Though

So, Fall Guys has just gone free to play! It’s even got crossplay now, so you can play with your friends no matter where they’re based. After migrating its PC version from Steam to the Epic Games Store, the game’s servers prepared to face the boosted population numbers, and… players struggled to leave the basic menu. Lobbies became impossible to fill – not because of too few people, but because of too many.

Of course, the developers of Fall Guys, Mediatonic, were quick to explain the crash. The results of which are displayed alongside a helpful diagram in the following tweet:

After some quick fixes, the Fall Guys twitter account made a follow-up post:

The server issues have been more or less resolved by this point, though some lingering cracks are showing. Other parts of the game, including the in-game shop, have caused problems for some players. Once again, Fall Guys had another helpful diagram to illustrate the problem: