Fall Guys will Soon be Free to Play on All Platforms, With Crossplay

Free Fall Guys, Raising Player Counts on a Console Near You

When Fall Guys Launched in 2020, it was met with an explosion of popularity. Avoiding the thrill of watching those little bean creatures stumble around was practically impossible to ignore. At least it was, for that short, short window. Many players have continued to enjoy the game long past its initial success. But for most, their experience with Fall Guys starts and stops in those short weeks. In their eyes, the game simply grew too stale too quickly. The beans are cute and fun, but one can only watch them trip and fumble about before they’ve seen every possible flub and falter.

But a few short weeks from now, that may all change. Back in the olden times, Fall Guys’ success was all from behind a paywall. Those who played were limited to those who could afford to, and everyone else just sat on the sidelines and watched. For those people, the only meaningful way to to re-ignite their flame was a hands-on playthrough – something the paywall simply did not allow.

But “did not” is past tense. While it may not be accurate at time of writing, the future of Fall Guys is free to play. Releasing on June 21st on all platforms.

Crossplay between PC, Switch, Playstation, and Xbox consoles will also be enabled in this update. Not only will the game receive a major playercount boost, but all players will be able to compete against all players. A total free for all, made free for all, hence the title of this 25+ minute announcement video. As you can expect from that length, it contains a ton more information than just these headlines – so if these ideas pique your curiosity, you know where to spend your next half hour.