The Illusion: Nightmare Bringing Psychological Horror Alive

An Environmental Hell 

Welcome to a world where even the environmental details are crafted to be terrifying. Raven Games is happy to announce the release date for their psychological horror game, The Illusion: Nightmare. Coming to Steam on May 25th. The Illusion Nightmare brings a horrific experience to players using every detail to terrify. A press release provides more info on the game. Additionally, players can visit the game’s Steam page to view a new trailer for the game. 

The Illusion: Nightmare brings players to a mysterious mansion known as “the nightmare”. Playing as Martin, a man investigating a secret cult, players find themselves stuck within the nightmare. Adventuring through the twenty-four rooms of the mansion, players will find puzzles that need solving, and keys that need finding. However, you are far from alone in the house. Ghosts, spirits, illusions and other horrors await you in every room, where even the very foundations of the house are full of macabre evil. 

Of course the Steam trailer shows a glimpse of exactly what players can expect from the game. From eerie rooms full of disturbing art, even carved into the walls, to illusions that will give you nightmares. Furthermore even the camera blur adds to the almost nauseating illusionary themes. Players can view the trailer on the game’s Steam page.   

The Illusion: Nightmare is arriving on Steam on May 25th. You will need to use your wits, your courage, and most importantly your sense of reality. So, prepare for horror and brave the nightmare.