See What’s in Store With Little Witch in the Woods Coming to Early Access


Today, a cute little indie game is hitting early access. Well, there are probably a thousand indie games hitting early access today, but I’m talking about a particular one. Little Witch in the Woods is a charming, top-down, 2D RPG about a young witch named Ellie.

Later today, Little Witch in the Woods will be coming to Steam early access. This version will include a prologue and the first chapter of the game. The full game will include the prologue and three chapters. Early access supposedly has about five hours of content, while the full release is expected to have closer to twenty hours.

Little Witch in the Woods

The early access release trailer shows off some of the things Ellie can do while completing her witches’ apprenticeship. A central part of the game is concocting potions, which can be used for all sorts of situations.

As an apprentice witch, Ellie will also have to learn all about the world she wants to improve. There will be a witches’ handbook to fill out with information from every flora and fauna she encounters.

If you want to experience a story of witchcraft without the controversies surrounding Hogwarts Legacy, you might want to check out this game. The visual style of Little Witch in the Woods might also pique your interest if you were a fan of Stardew Valley, because who wasn’t?

Little Witch in the Woods is available on PC. Hopefully, it will come to consoles when it fully launches, but no word of that just yet. The game is expected to officially launch in 2023.

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