Moonring – A Free Roguelike Game From the Co-creator of Fable

Embrace the Aesthetics of Moonring

Dene Carter, the co-creator of Xbox’s Fable series has recently launched a new free roguelike game called Moonring. He is a veteran video game developer with over 25 years of experience. He is also the creative director of the video game company Fluttermind. The game made its way to Steam on 29 September and has garnered ‘very positive’ reviews on the platform.


Moonring is a dark-fantasy, turn-based, and roguelike game that draws from classic RPGs like the Ultima series. It has a very unique hand-designed visuals with a touch of pixelated neon aesthetics. The story takes place five hundred years ago in the land of Caldera which is filled with endless darkness.

Decades later, five moons rose in the sky, bringing light and strange Gods to the world. Alongside them arrived the Dreams, beckoning with promises of supernatural Gifts in the name of Devotion. Thus, a new civilization is born. It is full of Devotion and Dreamers, Gods and Gifts, with a Dreamless Archon as a representative of the mortals.

However, Archons are not immortal and a successor must be found. You play as a Dreamless, free to choose your own destiny. You can travel, trade, sneak, fight, and sail wherever you want. Find out all the secrets of the land, challenge Archon, or even overthrow the powerful Gods themselves.

The key features are:

  • Large, hand-designed open world
  • An infinite supply of dungeons generated using your character name
  • Over 100 varied enemy types, from fodder to bosses
  • 35 unique Gifts from the Gods, their usage changing with the moon phases
  • Sailing, ship-to-ship combat, and boarding
  • A Dungeon Synth OST with over 50 tracks, all made using retro Mod Trackers!
  • A hidden magic system and many other mysteries