Leaf Blower Man Will Blow Its Way to Steam This Month

Become the Most Irritating Leaf Blower Man

Get ready to create some huge disturbances! The award-winning independent game studio Unbound Creations has finally announced the release date of Leaf Blower Man. The game will launch on Steam on Sunday, 18 October. Moreover, the demo version is already available on the same platform for you to try out.

Leaf Blower Man

Leaf Blower Man is an arcade-action game. The game is designed to be comedic where you play as a villainous protagonist. Prepare for an exhilarating experience that encourages you to blow leaves from one end of the driveway to the other pointlessly. You will also earn points and rewards for annoying the hell out of your neighbors. The dramatic story will take you through a variety of environments and challenges and you might even save humankind.

The game also features other modes besides the main campaign. This includes the Horde Mode where you fight against an ever-increasing number of armed leaves. Yes, you heard it right, there are actual military leaves in the game. Destroy thousands of enemies, strategically gain experience, choose new power-ups/weapons, and survive as long as possible.

Leaf Blow Man will not have any pay-to-win microtransactions. Any additional packages available for purchase are completely optional and do not provide any gameplay advantages. The developers are very committed to this particular feature.