Circus Electrique Is Due for Release Later This Year

Circus Electrique Feels Like Darkest Dungeon in a Steampunk Circus

Circus Electrique is a story-driven RPG that is due for launch later this year. It follows the adventures of some classic circus performers that has a steampunk Darkest Dungeon vibe. Clowns, escape artists, and strongmen all work together to save the city from the ravages of the Maddening.

The Maddening is a supernatural upheaval that turned hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent citizens into vicious murderers.

circus electrique release later this year

Developer Zen Studios first announced Circus Electrique to the gaming public late last year. Finally, fans got their first in-depth look at what they can expect the gameplay to be. A party of four characters who are chosen from a total of 15 classes line up against enemies in turn-based combat. They exchange special moves with one side coming out victorious in the end.

Of course, positioning and morale play a huge role in its battles. The mental state of the individual fighters are also important for victory. This suggests that if the morale of any of the characters falls too low, they are going to end up running away from the circus. With that said, Circus Electrique players will have to find, as well as train, their replacements. They either replace their lost characters, or they can simply try to get by without them.

Considering that this is a circus-themed game, players will also have to make sure that the show goes on. They will be responsible for planning and executing nightly shows to keep their income going. After all, they still need to make sure that their performers are well-paid and happy. Aside from that, players will also have to figure out how the Maddening started. By doing this, they obtain information on how they can stop it. 

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