Magic: The Gathering Prices Are Going Up Later This Year

Magic: The Gathering Prices Will Increase in September

Magic: The Gathering devs just confirmed that the prices of some of the game’s products are going up later this year. Apparently, the rise in production costs pushed them to make this decision.

According to Wizards of the Coast, they are keeping the price increase “as narrow as possible.” The change in price will impact Bundles, Set Boosters, Draft Boosters, Jumpstart Boosters, and Collector Boosters. They also increased the price for Commander Decks with the launch of the Streets of New Capenna set.

magic the gathering prices going up later this year

Over the past year, the costs of goods, transportation, and manufacturing have increased significantly and steadily for just about everyone across nearly every industry,” devs wrote. “For Wizards of the Coast, this means that we have seen a large spike in the overall costs to produce Magic: The Gathering.

We will be increasing prices by around 11%,” they added. “Allowing for regional variation, on select products in our lineup starting in September.

Devs are blaming a rise in production costs for the price increase. However, some critics believe it was something else that pushed them to make this decision. The critics pointed out that WotC’s announcement came on an opportune day. It was the same day that Hasbro reported revenue growth across all segments of the company. This was the same time that they reported an adjusted operating profit. It was almost $142 million in its most recent quarter.

Price increases are rarely popular in the gaming world. This is especially true whenever there is a multi-million-dollar profit report. “I do want to note that the fact that Magic: The Gathering pack prices have been the same for years is pretty remarkable,” a streamer said. “But, it is really funny they are announcing this the same day as their earnings call discussing record profits.”

This is a push to increase profits,” a Magic: The Gathering fan wrote. “This is one way to keep the numbers on the pages looking good—let us all be honest, who is going to stop buying Magic because of this?”

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