Quake Is Getting New Maps & Accessibility Options

Quake Will Be Much Easier on the Eyes

Quake fans have a reason to rejoice. The 26-year-old video game just got a substantial update that brings a variety of fixes, new accessibility options, and three new horde mode maps.

The game’s new accessibility menu will automatically show up once players launch Quake after installing the update. They will immediately get access to different options that devs purposely added to make the game easier for the senses.

quake new maps accessibility options

Quake’s high contrast mode will give the menu a black background. This makes its white text stand out and much easier to read. This is quite different from its previous in-game overlay style. Moreover, the alternate type face replaces the game’s blocky Gothic text with large block letters.

Players will also get options to change incoming multiplayer text chat into a synthesized voice or vice versa. Those who do not like voice chats can easily convert all outgoing multiplayer text chats into a voice one. Plus, there are multiple voice profiles to choose from.

The added features do not end there. Quake players will also be able to adjust the flash intensity of the screen, as well as its on-screen message duration times. Devs also increased the maximum number of lines on the display in the corner HUD messages. Other than that, players can also adjust the display durations of multiplayer text messages.

All these new changes certainly make the menus and all pop-up text displays much easier on the eyes. The recent Quake update is not world-changing one, but it definitely makes playing the game much easier for players who have vision-related issues. This is a welcome change for fans who have stayed with the game through the years. After all, Quake has been in the industry for 26 years.

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