Physical Release of the Original Quake Comes With Tons of Goodies

Quake Fans Won’t Want to Miss This!

Limited Run Games, a video game distributor who specializes in physical releases of old and/or digital-only games, has recently revealed a ton of extra merchandise for their upcoming release of the first Quake game. These add-ons are part of a pre-order system for Quake’s physical release, with each upgrade in “edition” adding more and more goodies for fans to enjoy.

There are three editions to pick from: the Quake Standard Edition for $29.99 USD, the Quake Deluxe Edition for $79.99 USD, and the Quake Ultimate Edition for $174.99 USD. The Standard Edition is just the game, for players who just want the basic game. The deluxe edition adds a keychain, a commemorative coin, am 18×24 two-sided poster, and a steelbook – all of which carry designs familiar to Quake fans. In the Ultimate edition, you get all that, plus a 3-inch metal figure of a Shambler, a t-shirt, a Ring of Shadows (just a replica – it doesn’t actually make you invincible. Please don’t test it.), an enamel pin, and a motorized statue, all packaged in a case bearing the design of a nail gun ammo box. It’s an “ultimate” price tag for sure, but with contents like that you’re sure to get an “ultimate” experience.

Pre-orders begin on the 27th of August – less than a week away! Quake fans will be sure to enjoy all the contents within, but even if you’re new to Quake, this is still something to keep an eye on! If you’ve been curious about a game as influential as Quake, then the Standard Edition might just be worth picking up!