Magic the Gathering’s New Set Details Five Demon Crime Families

Magic the Gathering Introduces Five Demon Crime Families

Magic the Gathering’s new set is going to the past.The Streets of New Capenna draws on tales of gangsters and noir metropolises. The game’s newest entry details five demon crime families, namely Obscura, Cabaretti, Brokers, Riveteers, and Maestros.

Each of these crime families will attempt to take control of the Halo, which is a dwindling magical resource within the game. 

The new set will be available to all Magic the Gathering players on April 29th. However, it will appear in the MTG Arena the day before the global release. Pre-release events will also begin on April 22nd. According to multiple reports, devs will reveal more cards from now until its official launch.

magic the gathering new set five demon crime families

The Obscura are gifted magicians. They are masters of illusion and distraction who constantly run schemes for their own benefit.

The Maestros are elite assassins with old money. The group is mostly made up of vampires that run an art collecting organization as a front for their crimes.

On the other hand, the Riveteers are primarily made up of construction workers. They are a tough and rowdy crowd. With that said, Magic the Gathering players can expect them to primarily rely on brute force and intimidation to get what they want.

The Cabaretti are cultist druid party-goers. They are known for throwing the best parties within the game.

Lastly, the Brokers are demonic lawyers who believe in a doomsday prophecy. According to them, the New Capenna will fall once the city runs out of the Halo. Furthermore, they are also pros at erasing memories.

Basically, Magic the Gathering’s new demons are going to stalk the lavish parties of the art deco city. There will also be mages slinging spells from their sleek limos. Demons seem to run this city built by angels. Five families of them to be exact. Players will be duking it out to see who comes out on top.

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